Where to Add an Office Space to Your Home

If you are looking to renovate your Kelowna, B.C. home and add an office space, there are several places to consider. Whether you are working from home full time or simply crave some quiet “me time,” home offices not only increase efficiency, they are also highly sought-after features when selling. Read on for some helpful location ideas before you begin your renovation. Rearrange the Living Room Depending on the size of your home, you may have limited options to choose from to put your office. One idea is to rearrange your living room and create a space for your office. Consider putting your desk in the corner of the room. This allows you to combine your living room and office without the room looking cluttered. If you would like to have an office spot next to a window, do not overload your space with decorations or a bulky desk. Choose a small, minimalistic desk and have small decorations. Opting for small office furniture ensures your living room does not look crowded. Bigger living rooms could be divided by new walls or French doors to segregate your new office and keep the living room space functional. Repurpose Spare Rooms Spare or guest rooms are easy areas to convert into your home office. Many homeowners are adopting a multi-purpose design when they are not able to build a home addition. Hidden and folding beds are a simple way to turn your office space into a guest room. If you have a regular bed, design your office space around the bed or rearrange the room. Like a living room, you do not want to make your guest room look cluttered. Consider Unused Spaces Some storage spaces are another way to convert an area into office space. Other unused spaces to use as office space are:
  • Underneath the stairs
  • Loft Space
  • Attic
  • Attached or detached garage
  • Empty spaces
Depending on the size of your home, determine what area is best for your office. If you have multiple areas that could be selected, make sure the space fits your office needs but does not hinder your work. Choose a space that is away from family gathering patterns. Make Space in Your Basement A basement provides space for a home office that is away from day-to-day household activities. It creates a space where you have minimal distractions like children or pets. With basement offices, you create a line between work and home life. One drawback to basement office renovating is often a lack of natural light or poor existing overhead lighting. Keep that in mind when considering how you might renovate your space. Egress windows or strategic lighting design can redesign a basement into a high-quality home office that you want to work in. If you are considering a home office renovation, LUX Quality Homes would love to help you generate ideas. Contact us today to see how we can partner with you during your Kelowna, B.C. renovation.
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