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Building Your Perfect Home: Commonly asked Questions

LUX Homes loves meeting the public, and we are happy that we get the chance to do so often, from community events to various press fairs. LUX Homes has noticed, however, that we get asked many of the same questions daily. And so, in the interest of satisfying your curiosity as well, LUX Homes has created a list of FAQ’s.
Too many builders lure customers with big promises and low prices, only to disappoint with time and budget blowouts (often adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars), and constant design changes that mean you don’t even get the house you wanted. Our contracts are painstakingly accurate to ensure you know what you’re getting, and you get what you want. We are not the cheapest builder, but we guarantee you’ll be proud of what you paid for.
Too many builders leave their trades unsupervised. And you know the saying, “When the cat’s away, the mice play.” Mistakes, poor workmanship, and huge delays. Your LUX home is protected by two levels of accountability. Firstly, an experienced project manager is always onsite to drive efficiency and minimize mistakes. Secondly, a superintendent checks progress and quality every day (even if that means getting on his hands and knees to triple-check) to ensure your home is perfectly on track.
While other builders do the minimum required to meet Step Code 3 regulations, we build to meet Step Code 4. This means your home is more comfortable and energy-efficient all year round – saving you thousands in ongoing running costs.
There’s nothing worse than wondering what is happening. With your own login, you’ll be able to access our project management platform 24 hours a day, so you always know what’s going on. Ask questions and get same-day answers. Plus, we provide you with two written reports each week — one explaining what happened the week before, and one detailing what’s planned for the week ahead. In addition, our client portal will allow you to view real-time information such as financial information, approved and pending change orders, work schedule, and the ability to make selections in real-time, keeping the project on schedule. Some people call that a 5-star experience. We think it’s common courtesy.
Unlike other builders who order supplies as they go (only to find they will take months to deliver or are no longer available), we order supplies in advance to ensure everything is ready on-site when needed. Plus, we communicate with our trade partners and lock in timeframes at the beginning of the project. This detailed scheduling and proactive ordering means your home is finished on time and on budget.
A stunning custom home begins with a clever design. But unless you ‘live design’ every day, it’s hard to know where to start. We will guide you by answering your questions (even the ones you don’t even know to ask). We will take the time to understand your ideas (we have a questionnaire for this) and add our 6 years of experience to make them even better. And we’ll help you prioritize your wish list (including recommending suppliers and brands), so you get more from your budget. We can even arrange renders and 2-D modeling so you can see (and even walk through) the design of your home to make sure everything is just right before the building begins.

We love to chat building and renovating!

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