Spa Like Bathroom Ideas We Absolutely Love!

bamboo floors and half wall with freestanding bathtub and glass shower. Lots of plants. Spa Like Bathroom

Bathroom designs have certainly come a long way. In a world where design options are endless, it’s a wonderful time for us to be working in the Kelowna bathroom renovations field! We get to hear many design ideas from homeowners. We love seeing their Pinterest boards of dreams and desires and helping make them come to fruition. There’s one specific trend that we find on our clients’ wish lists when it comes to creating the perfect spa like bathroom, and that’s freestanding bathtubs.

We’ve compiled a few photos of spa design bathroom ideas for you to gain some inspiration from. Make sure you Pin this to your dream bathroom board so you can refer back to it anytime!

farmhouse style freestanding bathtub. spa bathroom design ideas
Farmhouse Style

First up on our list of spa bathroom ideas is this incredibly unique bathroom. Everything from the bamboo ladder shelf to the rope shelves, brick wall, wood floors, and bathtub exudes extraordinary interior design. The large window appears private and maximizes the light so you can sunbathe and bathe at the same time.

minimalist style freestanding bathtub with wooden floor and white decorations. spa bathroom design ideas

Sometimes less is more, depending on your desires! We love this bathroom’s simplicity. White walls, window coverings and lighting in combo with the wooden floors and benches with white cushions. This is neutral at its finest. The deep angled standalone bath creates the perfect rest for your head, allowing your body to completely relax in the waters. It would be very easy to slip into a state of tranquility in this space, especially with some epsom salts!

bamboo floors and half wall with freestanding bathtub and glass shower. Lots of plants. Spa Like Bathroom
Boho Style

When it comes to spa like bathroom ideas, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside is a popular trend we don’t see going away anytime soon. The abundance of wood elements in this bathroom are balanced by the neutral colours and greenery that surround it. The showerhead offers a relaxing experience with its gentle rain-inspired flow. We love these showerheads because they cover your entire body with warm water. They also create steam, which the plants in this bathroom would absolutely love!

freestanding bathtub at Sparkling Hill Resort. spa bathrooms ideas
Freestanding bathtub at Sparkling Hill Resort overlooking Okanagan Lake
Bathroom With A View!

If you have a home or lot that has a view, consider strategically placing your standalone bath to take advantage of that. Maybe it’s a gorgeous mountain view or a lake view like these two at Sparkling Hill Resort. Or, maybe it’s the forest right outside your house – whatever nature you’re gazing upon, you might just find that you spend a lot more time relaxing, which is a type of self care we could all use a bit more of in today’s world.

Contemporary style bathroom with free standing bathtub and beautiful vanity. spa bathroom design ideas
Contemporary Ensuite Bathroom

This bathroom is one that we are proud of (that’s right – it’s one of ours!). Everything from the under cabinet lighting to the herringbone accent tiles between the mirror to the standalone bath having a beautiful view of Lake Okanagan, this bathroom will probably always be one of our favourites. Located in Lake Country BC, this ensuite bathroom is part of a home that is the pinnacle of Okanagan Living. Make sure you check out the full album by clicking on this link.

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