Brad McNaughton


The son of a farmer who worked from sun-up till sun-down 7 days a week, Brad has an old-fashioned work ethic and uncompromising values of honesty and integrity. He learned practical skills (including woodwork) at his father’s side from a young age and often helped out on neighbouring dairy farms in the Fraser Valley.

He started his carpentry apprenticeship while at school and soon excelled in supervisory roles. Challenged by an early mentor to plan for his future, Brad began with the end in mind and dedicated himself to becoming the best at his trade.

Frustrated at seeing people let down by lies in the building industry (especially when it comes to quoting a low price that goes up the minute the contract is signed, and delivering poor quality workmanship), Brad decided to start his own company.

While other builders think they are in the construction industry, Brad trains his team to work like they are in the service industry – offering 5-star experiences like a premium restaurant rather than a takeaway shop.

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