5 Common Frustrations You Will Run Into When Building a Home

building a home

Building a home is a complex and time-consuming process and as a result it’s not uncommon to encounter annoyances along the way. Here are 5 common frustrations you may run into when building or renovating your dream home:  

How To Avoid Delays in Construction:  

These delays are one of the most common causes of homeowner frustrations, especially if you have tight timelines or are coordinating the sale of your current home. Construction projects often face delays due to various factors, such as adverse weather conditions, labour shortages, or supply chain disruptions. A more common reason for delays is poor planning. If your builder ever says things like “coming up right away” or “too easy”… consider that a big red flag. An activity plan is necessary to ensure your project goes according to the plan! Always ask your builder to see their plan because the bottom line is, building or renovating a home is a complex process. If there is no plan, then it’s highly likely things will not go according to plan. 

How To Avoid Cost Overruns:  

Staying within budget can be challenging as unexpected expenses can arise during construction. These expenses may be due to design changes, unforeseen site conditions, poor planning on the builders’ part, allowances in the construction contract, or material cost fluctuations. We recommend hiring a builder that offers you a Fixed-price contract so that you get that exact price that you see on the contract. We don’t believe in using allowances on our contracts because we know full well it’s going to end up costing our clients way more in the end, and that’s not up to the LUX Homes standard. If you want to learn more about our process, click here

The Problem of Communication in Construction:  

Lack of clear communication between you, the builder, and subcontractors can lead to misunderstandings, mistakes, and delays. It’s essential to establish open and transparent lines of communication and ensure that all parties are on the same page. Hiring a Design-Builder is a great way to avoid these challenges.   

Construction Quality Control Issues:  

You may encounter issues with workmanship or materials that require rectification. Hiring a builder that you trust and uses an online project management software (that you have access to) is a great starting point. We also recommend that you ensure your builder has a very detailed contract. I’m talking about things like including the exact model name and number for all of your finishes and fixtures inside the construction contract. If those specifications aren’t there – you might be disappointed to find that the bathtub you fell in love with is not the one that has been installed in your home. If the final construction contract being offered to you is only a couple of pages, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Permitting and Regulatory Hurdles:  

Navigating the permitting and regulatory process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Delays or complications in obtaining necessary permits and approvals can disrupt the construction timeline. Working closely with your builder to ensure compliance with local regulations is vital.

To minimize these delays, it’s important to approach the home-building process with realistic expectations and a well-thought-out plan. Research and choose a reputable builder, stay actively involved in the project, and maintain open lines of communication. Additionally, having a contingency plan and a clear understanding of the construction timeline can help you better manage the frustrations that may arise during the home-building process.  

At LUX Homes we have systems and processes in place to keep all of these frustrations to a minimum.

If you want to learn more about avoiding these frustrations, we have a few free guides that would benefit you to read.

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