3 Things To Know About the Custom Home Building Process

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When building your custom home, it’s likely that not everything will go as expected. This is typical when building a home from scratch. Read on to learn about common problems that may arise when building a custom home.

1. Design Changes

It is normal to change your mind during the process of building your home. However, changing aspects of your home will cause delays and may be more expensive. To anticipate changes to your home, allow room in your budget. This will allow you to make changes without going significantly over your budget. If you do want to make changes, talk to your builder about it immediately. Changes made in the early stages will cause less delay.

2. Delays

Delays can happen when building a house for a few reasons. The three main types of delays are:

  • Permit delays
  • Material selection delays
  • Unexpected delays

Permits should be obtained by your builder. Ask your builder about the timeline for getting any permits, licenses, or other approvals. Obtaining permits can be a long process and take longer than expected. When choosing a custom home builder, it is vital to hire someone who knows how to get permits without causing delays on their end. Material selection delays can happen at any time, even if you thought you ordered the materials with plenty of time.

Materials like cabinets, flooring, fixtures, and other items should be ordered early in the home-building process. It can take weeks or months for items to be delivered. Your custom home builder should give you a list of deadlines so you don’t delay the process. Frequently changing your mind will keep delaying the project.

Expect to have unexpected delays. While you may not be able to prevent this type of delay, communicate with your builder frequently and do regular walk-throughs. These steps will help you stay ahead of possible problems.

3. Price Changes

Price changes can happen despite your builder’s best efforts. During the design phase of your home, your builder will give you estimates, but they might not be able to control all the costs of materials or extra labor due to unexpected problems. Your builder can help you readjust your budget if you decide to change materials or if material prices have changed since the initial estimate.

To shorten or avoid delays, it is best to make any changes to your home plan in the early stages of construction. Builders will be able to help you reconfigure your budget based on your current needs. If you are looking to start the process of building your custom home, LUX Homes can help, reach out to us for a commitment-free discussion today. Our team is here to bring your vision to life!


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