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How to save up to 50% on your Preliminary Building Agreement, which typically costs anywhere from $15 to $20K
The ONE thing you need to make sure your builder does NOT include in their building contract, unless you want to be surprised with a much bigger bill.
Plenty of design inspiration for dreaming up your new home! This guidebook contains a wide variety of different home styles that will give you ideas for how you want your space to look and feel.

Why Design Build?

Versus the Traditional Build method
1. Single Point of Contact

Design Builders are the only company you need to communicate with for the duration of your project (as opposed to dealing with a design team AND a construction team in the traditional building method). We do it all which makes the design, planning and construction phases integrated and streamlined.

2. Customization

Our job is to turn your dream into a reality. We work very closely with our clients so that we understand your vision, lifestyle and preferences, ensuring every aspect of your new home is tailored to your unique needs.

3. Stress-Free Experience

Whenever an experienced Design-Builder is involved, the homeowners stress is reduced because you don’t have to manage multiple contractors, timelines or budgets – we handle ALL of that for you.

4. Cost-Efficiency

During the Preliminary Building Agreement phase, you’ll work closely with us from foundation to roof. All of your selections will be made and we will generate a total cost to build. You’ll be able to lean on our expertise to make informed decisions and ensure everything fits within your budget every step of the way.

Customizable Designs

The first step to building a home is the Preliminary Building Agreement. This agreement covers the scope of work, design, construction schedule and generates a complete cost to build.

This agreement is incredibly detailed at around 60 pages long and often taking more than 50 hours to put together.

It’s for this reason that you can expect to pay an experienced builder 15K to 20K for this service. This might seem like a lot, but in the end you save money because of the accuracy involved.

Experienced builders like us do not include allowances in our contracts. All of your selections including model numbers are present in this agreement, so you get the exact home you want for the price listed, no exceptions!

And, if you want to reduce your Preliminary Building Agreement fee by as much as half, you can choose one of our Design Build plans below and then customize it to your hearts desire.

These designs are customizable beyond just the finishings, it all depends on your desires and goals for your home.

Full Home Renovation, Lake Country

Custom Build in Lake Country

Lakestone Contemporary, Kelowna

What other Kelowna clients are saying.

We love helping Kelowna residents get the exact custom home they’ve always wanted. Here’s what some of our clients say about their homes and their experience with our team.

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LUX Homes began as a small construction company in 2017 specializing in framing and renovations. A demand for custom homes in the Okanagan Valley flourished and as a result, LUX Homes was created. Today we service the Okanagan Valley where we specialize in design-builds for custom homes, renovations, and multi-family builds.

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